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Our Team is dedicated to bringing your entire family the best, most comprehensive healthcare in Waxahachie.

We are an integrated practice that has tremendous success with a wide variety of conditions. Some of these health conditions include but are not limited to: Acute colds and flu, Chronic Diseases, Allergies, Autoimmune conditions, Migraines, Neck, Back, Shoulder, Hip, Knee, and Ankle/Foot pain. We also love to provide annual checkups and sports physicals.

We work with all major insurance companies including Medicare (call us and we can help verify your insurance coverage at our office). We provide blood work, urine analysis, and X-rays at our clinic when needed. This allows us to diagnose and form a solid treatment plan that gets to the root cause quickly and efficiently. Here at Complete Health Medical Center, we treat the root cause of the problem and not just the symptoms. We take the time to go over the results of each test that we perform with you. We want you as informed as possible of root cause to why you are not feeling your best and what needs to happen to get you back to the life you want to live.


Our amazing Providers, as well as our entire staff and support team, meet twice a day to discuss and formulate plans for each and every patient. We do not believe in a “one size fits all” mentality. Each patient receives personal care specifically for his or her needs. This not only offers great results, but with this type of approach, you will soon see why most of our patients begin to feel like family!

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