Come Relax and enjoy a Therapeutic Massage. Therapeutic massage is a gentle therapy that calms the nervous system and increases circulation, creating a cascade of beneficial effects including, but not limited to: reducing heart rate, blood pressure and stress hormone levels. It can also enhance immune function, boost levels of endorphins and serotonin-the body's natural painkillers and mood regulators- and increase blood circulation, all while easing sore and achy muscles. 

If you have problems with tension headaches, back issues, sports injuries, arthritis, or fibromyalgia, experiment with massage as a relaxing way to help reduce or even eliminate associated pain. Those with eating disorders, anxiety or depression can take advantage of the effects massage has on the mind. Both pregnant women and preterm infants can enjoy the benefits of massage: mothers-to-be can reduce stress levels and pain associated with labor while preemies may gain weight faster when messaged. 

Most people are aware of the relaxation benefits massage offers, but it can be therapeutic, as well. There is evidence that massage can improve breathing among asthmatic children, lower levels of stress hormones and help relieve tension headaches caused by contracting head, neck or facial muscles. Part of the reason massage may work as well as it does for so many problems is that people expect it to.

We charge $1.00/minute for massage:

30 minutes..............$30.00

45 minutes..............$45.00

60 minutes..............$60.00

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